Error 21 current abnormality: LCD display cannot turn on, showing error code 21.

  1. Reconnect the electronic wires: some wires might be loose.
  2. Controller program problem: install a new controller to test.
  3. Change the motor to test.

Error 22 throttle abnormality: Turn on LCD display and showing error 22.

  1. Throttle wires are loose, need to be reconnected.
  2. Throttle may be broken. Disconnect the throttle and controller, take the throttle off from the bike. Push LCD “WALKING mode”= “-” button. If the bike is running, it means the throttle is broken. Throttle will need to be replaced.

Error 23 motor open-phase: Turn no LCD display showing error 23.

  1. Reconnect motor wires: wires may be loose. 
  2. Change the motor to test. 

Error 24 motor hall signal abnormality: Turn on LCD display, showing error 24.

  1. Reconnect the motor quick release connection to ensure it is properly connected.
  2. Change the motor to test. 
  3. Reconnect the motor wires at the controller.

Error 25 brake abnormality: Turn on LCD, showing error 25.

  1. Remove the left brake lever. If error code 25 is still showing, then remove the right brake lever. Turn on LCD, If no codes are showing then brake levers need to be replaced. Test one individually to see which one is giving the code.
  2. Another way to test is to remove left brake lever, then right, and reinstall right first, then left while checking for codes everytime one is removed or installed.

Error 30 abnormal communication: Turn on LCD, showing error 30.

  1. Reconnect the quick release cable of each connector. If the error code is still showing, new wires will need to be installed. 
  2. LCD and controller signal communication has a problem. Change the controller or LCD.